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Farm House in Green Belt

Farm Houses (Country Home) in New Delhi Green Belt
NEW DELHI: Delhi Development Authority's (DDA's) new farmhouse policy makes provision for smaller 1-acre farmhouses as against the minimum size of 2.5 acres earlier, which could further impact property prices in prime south Delhi localities where prices have dropped by 10-15% in the last one year. These new dwellings called Country Homes will be allowed a higher floor area ratio (FAR) of 20 compared to the earlier stipulated 15. The new policy also allows owners to pay an extra charge for utilising higher FAR than what has been stipulated.

Older farmhouses that have utilised higher floor areas than what was sanctioned are now being regularised by paying a penalty. Farmhouses in Delhi are only allowed in the peripheral green belt of the city but the government is yet to decide the areas in the green belt where it will allow these Country Homes to come up.


Farm Houses In Green Belt In New Delhi(Country Home)

The green belt has been identified along the NCT Delhi boundary. The criteria for delineation has been taken as boundaries of all the revenue villages abutting the NCTD boundary as shown in MPD-2021 land-use plan. The policy outline for this area is as follows:

  1. Low intensity development shall be permitted in this zone to stop unauthorized development of residential areas, such as farm houses. Govt. activities requiring large area like camping sites, firing range etc. could be located here.
  2. The farm houses were permitted and sanctioned under the provisionals of Mast plans 1962 and 2001. As per the MPD-2021 the Farm houses are now permitted only in the 'green belt'. All the existing Farm houses would be dealt with as per Govt. policy on Farm Houses.

Below is the list of villages which falls under green belt

Villages Under Green Belt in Zone-L
  • Badusaria
  • Bakkar­wala
  • Bakar­garh
  • Deor­ala
  • Dhansa
  • Ghalibpur
  • Ghu­man­hera
  • Isapur
  • Jain­pur
  • Jhar­oda Kalan
  • Jhatikara
  • Kair
  • Kan­gan­heri
  • Mitraon
  • Mund­hela Kalan
  • Nana­kheri
  • Rag­hopur
  • Raota
  • Shi­karpur
Villages Under Green Belt in Zone-N
  • Auchandi
  • Mun­gesh­pur
  • Qut­abgarh
  • Khor Pun­jab
  • Chatesar
  • Jaunti
  • Garhi Rind­hala
  • Nizampur–Rashidpur
  • Tikrikalan (part)
  • Hare­oli
Villages Under Green Belt in Zone –J
  • Bhati
  • Deoli
  • Ghit­orni
  • Jaun­apur
  • Pul Peh­lad­pur
  • Rajokri
  • Said-ul-Ajab
  • Sul­tan­pur

Map showing areas where farm houses are permitted in Delhi