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JG has always taken initiatives and has always worked for the betterment of society to bring about the change where assistance is needed. The group has driven its own individual initiatives as well as in partnership programmes with NGO’s for development of the society on various dimensions of education, healthcare and poverty alleviation.

Our very own “The Laxmi-Shyam Charitable Trust” named after our elders has organized many programmes for the upliftment of the poor class of the society. The trust many a times has also partnered with many other organizations for the betterment of the society.

Education to the under privileged children has always been the top priority of our group. JG believes that education is the only source which when imparted to the children in the right manner can do wonders to the society. Our group’s motto is “Education for ALL”. Our Trust is associated with “Ekal Vidyalya” which gives continuous support, so that better and quality education may be imparted.

JG believes that health is of utmost importance to everyone. Our trust on regular basis organizes health checkup and healthcare camps for the ones who need it the most. JG has many a times also setup camps for the free distribution of hearing aids to the deaf and artificial limbs and hands to the ones who need them. Wheelchairs and walking aids are also provided on regular basis in these types of events.

All these large scale programmes focus to help the society for its betterment. For us the society comes first. We have and will always work for the upliftment of the backward class of the society and the ones who need it the most.